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March 2021

Ed Caisse

March 11 2021

Virtual Networking Meeting hosted via Zoom.

Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative
Meeting Notes

Date: March 11, 2021
Time: 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Place: Zoom Meeting

Mission Statement: The Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership between local, state & federal law enforcement; city & state government; civic & human service organizations; faith based organizations; the business community; education providers; property managers; and residents coming together with a goal to create safe, healthy & economically viable neighborhoods through information sharing, identifying at-risk youth, referrals and community efforts in specific Holyoke neighborhoods.

Welcome & Introduction 1:00pm - 1:05pm
Ed welcomed everyone to the meeting. He explained the work of the initiative and partnership with other agencies that also volunteer their time to assist in the many events/activities that are offered to the community.

Juliet Ochoa: RFK Children’s Action Corps 1:05pm - 1:20pm
Runs the program of the DDAP (Detention Diversion) program. Youth advocates connect participants with resources and activities in the community and out of legal system. Most of the activities are virtual, hopeful that things are going to be opened up soon. They have been dropping off bikes and arts and crafts activities to the youth. Summer do walking and hiking groups. Meet with them three times a week. Main goal is that kids don’t fall in the judicial system. Take referrals of kids from many agencies and follow through with families, they do receive referrals from the courts. Mentoring program with youth that are struggling with opioid addiction in Springfield/Chicopee and Holyoke. Connect with therapy and positive activities, show them different coping skills. They have a caseload of 25 and are looking to expand as they get more advocates, twenty from Springfield and five from Holyoke, their office is in Holyoke. Overall, don’t want kids to fall through the cracks and keep them connected.

Agency Overview and Updates 1:20pm - 2:25pm

Colleen Loveless: Revitalize Community Development Corporation
They have been working in Holyoke since 2015. Perform critical repairs and modifications for low income families with children, elderly, military veterans and people with special needs. They have expanded to a DASH (Doorway to Accessible, Safe and Healthy Homes) program. Healthy homes program that they are kicking off in Holyoke for those that are suffering from Asthma or COPD. They will provide educational services with a community health worker. Healthy home assessors will go into home to remove/intervene things that will affect living conditions, such as mold, pest, and dust. They may go into a home and remove the carpet to eliminate the dust. Supplies giving to families make a difference and tenants can take with them if they move. Have been working with the Public Health Institute of Western Mass and have been doing it for about five years. No age range for those that they service. Sent flyer to Ed.
I just sent the Holyoke Healthy Homes Flyer in both Spanish and English with contact info. My email is: Thank you!

Yvonne Lomax: Westover Job Core
Still completing virtual orientation/interviews. Outreach and admissions manager looking to partner with anyone looking to get more information about program.
Yvonne Lomax OA Manager-Lomax.yvonne@jobcorps,org-413-505-6100

Terri Lombardo: HCS Headstart
Full day headstart classrooms open in Holyoke, Chicopee and Springfield. Continuing to work on opening plan and hoping to have vaccination on-site for teachers and staff.

Talia Gee: City of Springfield
Chief diversity and inclusion officer for the city of Springfield. Recruiting for the upcoming civil service exam for Springfield PD. Civil service exam is a statewide exam for any city. If anyone is interested in becoming a police officer, let her know.
Talia Gee, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for the City of Springfield. 413-886-5119.

Stefany Garcia: Holyoke Public Schools
Family and access engagement coordinator for the district of Holyoke. We have many events for families, but one that is coming up is Spanish speaking families that is 8 week class on How to Improve your Child Behaviors with Positive Interventions. Parents will get a stipend for attending and is offered in Spanish on 3/18.

Shirley Talley: Gardner Memorial AME Zion Church
Her organization is her church and she is looking to learn about initiative and how their church can be helpful to send out resource to others.

Shirley Rodriguez: Public Health Inst. Western Ma
Project coordinator for 413 Cares Initiative. It is an online resource database, if you are interested in having your programs listed, information is in the chat. Announce two meetings for the Springfield Healthy Homes on Tuesday, 3/16: Safe Renovations, if you need more information you can email her. Event that is sponsored by Revitalize CDC that Colleen was talking about will be offering training on connecting health and housing in taking a comprehensive approach to identify and resolve programs that can affect the well-being of others.

Shannon Sarkisian: Holyoke Community College
Community outreach and admissions counselor for HCC. Flexible semester starting on 3/29. She can do virtual presentations or one on one appointments, if interested you can contact her.
Shannon Sarkisian, Community Outreach & Admissions Counselor at HCC,, 413-552-2012

Senaida Torres: WomanShelter Compañeras
Outreach Coordinator and DV survivor and is honored to be part of the Womanshelter. They are helping those victims to DV throughout pandemic. They have stayed extremely busy during the pandemic and have a hotline number for those to call: (413) 536 1628. If you know anyone looking for help, send them over.
413-887-1610 (cell) // 413-536-1629 (hotline)

Sean Hudkins: Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch
Sites in Massachusetts, New York, Arkansas and Tennessee. 45-50 beds for transitional housing and also have residential for young men and ladies for 12-17.5. Retreat center and camp and have RFK partnering with them for programming. Utilize space for programming and to raise funds for organization on a whole. Grateful to be part of this group.

Sean Garvey: HCSD
Ward 2 councilor for Holyoke. No Updates
Deputy Sean Garvey, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. 14135191634

Sara Roper: ROCA
Works out of Springfield/Holyoke sites. Still taking referrals for young men’s program out of both sites that are coming out of court, jail or re-arrest or are talking to law enforcement repeatedly. Don’t have to provide names but can refer those that are involved in negative activity and they will send out their roamer to engage young person. Young Moms program is currently full but still taking referrals as slots open up.
with snap applications I’m from Roca my name is kyenna thorne phone number 4136361271 or

Sandy Ward: Holyoke Public Library
Volunteer for Friends of the Library and Funeral Consumer Alliance of Western Mass. Volunteer that can answer questions and provide resources for people that are grieving and about final arrangements. They have always been an information group working from their home, COVID not affected them. Affiliated with a National Funeral Consumers Alliance and their website is
Sandy Ward, a friend of the Library, and a volunteer with Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western MA (educating people about their rights and options for final arrangements).
Sandy Ward, FCA of Western Mass,, 413-376-4747 —affiliated with national Funeral Consumers Alliance,

Yesenia Cruz: AdCare
No update.

Sally English: Viability
Regional director of Club Houses with Viability. Oversee their three Hampden County Clubhouses: Odyssey, Lighthouse, Springfield and Forum House, Westfield. Programs are for adults with mental health conditions focus on non-clinical psych/social rehabilitation. You work on your recovery through work, employment and education, do staff and members together. Would like to connect with more people. Introduced Mikey Pelletier who is a volunteer for 2 years and welcomed everyone from their Holyoke House. He works in the administration unit doing filing, shredding, email, getting meetings ready. Serves lunch every day for $2 a day. Offers many resources virtually and in person. Provide Hybrid services over Zoom, in-person, Facebook and remotely.
Sally English, Regional Director of Hampden County Clubhouses, 413-461-3701,, our programs are open to in-person services

Ron Thompson: CrossPoint Clinical Services
Faith based and traditional mental health counseling in West Springfield, mostly on-line service right now. Periodic education workshops, will be offering one in the spring for men in the community. Health and Wellness: We continue to offer our successful Purpose Posse Program focused on nutrition, fitness and faith, new members can join every month. On their website they have a wealth of resources for those that are grieving; grief journey tab. - My email is

Paul Winspeare: City of Chicopee
HR Recruitment Manager for City of Chicopee. Primary focus is to recruit for their police department. Civil Service is coming up the deadline to sign up is April 20th. Information session will be offered around Civil Service Exam and careers on 4/10. Trying to rebrand and do social media push for Chicopee career opportunities, attached a flyer in the chat.
Hello, Everyone. Paul Winspeare, HR Generalist and Recruitment Manager with the City of Chicopee. (413) 523-2841,

Officer Josh Colon: HPD
208 Race Street, Community Center. No updates
Officer Josh Colon Holyoke Police Dept. 413-650-0546

Neil Desroches: US Attorney’s Office
Remind everyone that benefits of the CARE Act have been subject to identity fraud/theft. Don’t hesitate to notify authorities if someone has received benefits in your name. Aware that abuse of CARES has been widespread.

Nayrobi Rosa Seriano: One Holyoke
Working on big vaccine outreach funded by Tufts and DPH to promote more information to the black and Latino communities regarding the vaccine and the safety. Will have site at C-Town the next couple of months which is now called Key foods. If you have resources that you want them to get to the community, just get them to Nayroby. 413-409-2004. Director of Community of Engagement and Resident Services for OneHolyoke CDC

Nicole Coakley: Springfield College
Assistant Director of the center for service and leadership at Springfield College. Community outreach with students and finding internship sites. She is also the admin for the C3 Community Policing in Mason Square. Would love to collaborate, interested in getting information from all the agencies. If you have any upcoming events, please send her the information and she will get it out.
Nicole Coakley Assistant Director of the Center for Service and Leadership at Springfield College Admin for Mason Square C3 Policing Email: (413)342-8009

Milissa Daniels: Holyoke Community College
Career Development Counselor as well as a Program Coordinator. Programs that they are recruiting for that are free for under/unemployed. Most notably the program that is coming up the soonest Career Readiness Program designed to connect to further education and short programs through college track or employment through career advising. For folks that are not sure what they are interested in doing could be a college track or lead them to get into a job.
HCC also has a Platform Handshake that we will be using for employers to reach out to students and staff, so please feel free to send me those opportunities as well and we will invite you to join the Handshake platform

Michelle Daries: Department of Children and Families
Foster Care and adoption recruiter. Still have great needs for people to do community outreach for the needs of kids in the community that have to enter the foster care system. Looking to do community outreach to education folks in the community. Every Thursday morning have information services at 10am and Monday evenings at 5:30. There is always a recruiter available to speak about the needs folks have. Available to come speak with agencies.

Melissa Blissett: Square One
Vice President of family services. Looking to hire Parents / Teacher Supervisor supporting families in charge 4 staff. Looking to hire a Family Services Administrative Assistant and a part time Family Recovery Transitional Support Specialist. They support families and providing emergency diapers please refer those that are in need.
Melissa Blissett, VP of Family Services at Square One (413)858-3109

Megan Gross: UMASS Amherst
Direct the Bilingual Development Lab. She is a bilingual speech pathologist and faculty. Works with those at HPS and volunteers at One Holyoke. One of the goals of their lab is to support families and learning about bilingual language development. We are currently working on a workshop for parent of dual language learners. They can offer information session around parents with dual language learners in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Looking to share information around speech language pathology and ideology with youth in Holyoke who might be interested in pursuing these professions. Working on project to give voice to Spanish speaking families that have a child on the autism spectrum about how they navigate language choices and access services. Looking to establish a community advisory related to that project. Have some connections to parents and agencies, but if anyone is interested feel free to reach out if interested.;

Megan Grant: Mentoring Program RFK
Intensive mentoring program for youth and adults 18-24 for those that have been commercially sexually exploited. Work with up to age 24. Mentors are survivors’ commercial exploitation and just brought on two more staff because numbers are growing caseload. One of their new surviving mentors is a member of the LGBTQ community and has capacity to serve all areas.

Seeing young women that are homeless or addicted to drugs more likely to become sexually exploited. Was a person has been introduced in exchanging sex for their needs it is hard to change that cycle. Prevention and raising awareness is very important.

Kathy Anderson: Community Outreach Holyoke Medical Center
Their COVID cases are going down in hospital, only a few in the hospital. Completed behavioral health survey out in the community and the outcome access to behavioral health care, stigma around mental health, substance use/abuse and childhood/adult trauma. Reported by community and very much in line with what state just released in their report. Nurse navigators work with Revitalize CDC, go into homes and do great work around asthma. Increasing number of behavior health bed from 20 to over 50. Concentrating on food insecurity, host community dinners twice a month handing out over 120 meals, about what the kitchen can handle. Workshops on coping with loss on 4/6/21, loss of all the things that have happened and have been taken away in the past year.

Juan Anderson Burgos: Ward 6 Councilor / Legislative Aid to Patricia Duffy
Focusing on people that are having issues with unemployment in getting things resolved is his specialty. Reach out to his office if you know of anyone in Holyoke experiencing problems with unemployment.

Joseph Emiterio: Holyoke Police Department
Detective out of HPD narcotics division. Proactive approach to the opioid epidemic with outreach, responding to overdoses and connecting those to services; recovery coaches, clinicians and various MAT programs. Started a shelter program in Holyoke with CHD providing safe environment to recover and get better. If any knows anyone suffering from addiction, information in the chat, reach out to him.
Hello, Det. Joseph Emiterio. Holyoke Police Department. Our team works out of the Holyoke Police Community Center.

John Fisher: Wayfinders
Working with the RAFT and ERMA programs with some new Federal money coming in. Fair housing and civil rights conference, which they are a co-sponsor with MFHC and Western New England University on 4/13-4/15. Nice line up of keynote speakers and workshops every day. More info at
Fair Housing & Civil Rights Conference. April 13-15, 2021. All workshops & keynotes are free but you need to register. for details.

Jocelyn Sullivan: MSPCC
I am a clinical interns at MSPCC, starting group 4/1/21 for kids ages 10-12 that have a history of trauma. They focus on coping skills.
Survivor Services youth group ages 10 to 12 coping skills group

Jennifer Kinsmen: United Way of Pioneer Valley
They are launching a bunch of new programs: Thrive financial coaches working with many households budgeting meeting with clients monthly. A Call to Talk emotional support/suicide prevention hotline: Provides counseling services on a hotline, can be reached through 211, please consider referring people to Call to Talk. Launched community calendar live and free and connect western mass. Agencies can put in events. On Board program merged with United Way, it’s now a program of United Way. Looking to build more diversity in the nonprofit boards in the region. Hope to be doing the bi-annual matching program in December with local boards and potential board members at the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Jennifer Kinsman, United Way of Pioneer Valley,, 413-693-0212 Thrive Financial Coaching, Call2Talk emotional support hotline, Connect Western Mass community calendar, On Board: building diversity into non-profit boards.

Janise Katalina: Women of Color Health Equity Collective
Latest update is that they are offering a therapeutic support individually and planning for groups for women of color. Services are completely free. Please share flyer. Working on campaign to collect funds to provide women in the community menstrual supplies at no cost to them.
Jenise Katalina, Women of Color Health Equity Collective.

Jen Hansen: Westover Job Core
Returning some of their students from home and resuming in person learning. Only a matter of time before they are able to start taking new applicants. They are a residential program and can take students from all areas ages 16-24, typically at risk students. Provide many services around drug/alcohol, mental health counseling, vocational training, academic training, high school diploma. Looking for potential students and getting the ball rolling.

Jeffrey Hayden: Holyoke Community College
Impressed with all the services and partners in our community, thanks for participating. If you have persons interested in community health worker training, medical assistant, nursing assistant, pharmacy technician, office and business technology; please send them to HCC.
Jeff Hayden, Holyoke Community College - VP Adult Education, ESOL, Workforce Development, Gateway to College, Transition to College and Careers and Testing
413-552-2587 jhayden@hcc.eduy

James Maloney: Hope for Holyoke
Currently open ½ days, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9-12pm. Tuesday/Thursdays 12-4:30. Just had their “Hopies”, everyone is usually excited and thanks to those that could attend. Excited about being involved in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

James Garaghty: Holyoke Mall
Involved in the advertising and promotions in the Mall and has been working with Ed for the last 6 months. They are running some Opioid ads in the mall trying to reach the community. The Holyoke Mall is probably the busiest Mall in Western MA, if you need to get the information out to the community, reach out if you want any messages posted.
Hello All, I am Jim Geraghty, Advertising Representative at Holyoke Mall. Glad to say hello - 617-840-2998.

James Biscoe: Cleanslate
Area manager for Cleanslate in Holyoke, Springfield and West Springfield. Outpatient based opioid treatment, still here in the community.
Good afternoon everyone, James Biscoe Area Manager for CleanSlate an outpatient based opioid treatment clinic. We have offices locally in Holyoke, Springfield, and West Springfield as well as many other locations across the state. My email is feel free to reach out for any information or referrals.

Jac Essing: En Lace de Familias
House of Colors is a program support for Holyoke youth in the LGTBQ community. She does peer support groups, drop in hours, homework help for those exploring sexual identity, and have them send her an email. Planning Holyoke Pride, folks can reach out to for that as well.
Jac Essing (she/they) House of Colors - Enlace de Familias,
Jac Essing, House of Colors - -- community building and resource for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults (as well as those exploring their gender and/or sexual identity/expression) and Holyoke Pride planning

David McCoy: HSNI Outreach Coordinator
Community outreach has been affected because of COVID and is looking to collaborate and get back out to engage community.

Helene Cesani: Therapeutic Mentoring Services: Gandara Center
Program Director providing services remotely. Have been doing training and looking to start in person sessions which are dependent on the families. Mentors are bilingual and has short wait list about three weeks. Looking to hire mentors Therapeutic Mentors and will share flyer. She can present services to any organization both virtually and in person.
Helene Cesani, director of Therapeutic Mentoring Services at Gandara Center (Holyoke site); 413-930-4060,

Girelys Ramirez: Girl Scouts of Central and Western MA
Currently recruiting girls up to the age of 16 and as young as 5. Goal is to get more troops going to in the Springfield/Chicopee/Holyoke areas. Grew up in these areas and wants more for these girls and push them forward to do better and develop good support system for them. Currently have recruitment events, would like folks to share her flyers and she can share your flyers.
Girelys Ramirez Girl Scouts Central and Western Mass 4133192159 currently registering girls for Girl Scouts of all ages. My goal is to get as many troops in Springfield/Holyoke/Chicopee area where I feel the Girl Scout Services can be used the most. Thank You All for all that you do!

Flor Diaz: Valley Opportunity Council (WIC)
Program Coordinator for VOC. Still working remotely and appointments done virtually. Working with Tufts Health Plan for a community baby shower. Looking for different agencies to partner to present at event. Will send copy of flyer. In anyone would like a five minute presentation, just reach out to her. They also have diapers if you need any for families, just reach out to her.
Flor Diaz VOC/WIC Community Coordinator (413)612-0214

Erika Hensel: Tapestry
Main focus is to get Narcan to every citizen in Holyoke. If anyone is interested in free Narcan training she will leave contact information in the chat. Hoping to start a virtual zoom monthly training for anyone in Holyoke that would like to attend. Looking to start up next month.
Free Narcan Trainings please contact me- Erika Hensel at Tapestry. C: (413) 316-4636,

Deputy Ernst Jean Louis: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
Works at the Holyoke Community Police Center: No updates at this time.

Delia Morales: Open Arms Healthcare
Provide assistance to those 22 years of age and over who are disabled and live alone and need assistance. Help with personal care, laundry, housekeeping, shopping and errands. Home heath aids go out to do errands for the clients. Home health aides assist and looking to hire.
Delia Morales from Open Arms Healthcare (413) 592-1612,

Dallas Clark: Recovery Coach/HRA Helpline
Taking information from agencies. Work at helpline for HRA and great resources for providers for those wanting to get in recovery or those affected by recovery. If folks are looking to get connect to Learn to Cope or agencies like that if they have been affected by opioid use, they can reach out to him.
Dallas Helpline Western Mass Engagement Associate at HRiA and Recovery Coach if would like to know more the Helpline the resources/referrals we provide please reach out will do a presentation on the Helpline thank you (Mass Helpline) Please free to reach out to make sure all providers are in our database thank you

Cindy Colangione: Program Director Big Brothers Big Sisters
Looking to hire a case manager position. Slowly but surely developing a pool of Holyoke youth for our Holyoke Initiative trying to match a lot more of the kids from Holyoke.

Chassity Crowell-Miller: River Valley Council Center
Director of Outpatient Services oversees clinical services in the Holyoke Schools. Currently RVCC is still accepting referrals for individual, family and couples. They have four different clinics in Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield and Easthampton. Able to refer to other clinics based on different types of insurance. Their CHSI services are accepting referrals for IHT and TM. In the next few weeks will be launching partnership with Holyoke Boys and Girls Club offering service within their program. Has BSAS services, they have clinicians that specialize in substance use disorders as well.
RVCC Central Intake 413-540-1234

Bill Courchesne: HCSD
Ward 6 Coordinator for HSNI, nothing to report at this time.
Bill Courchesne Ward 6 Coordinator 858-0015

Art Lobdell: Boy Scouts of America
Camps are open on the weekends. Summer camp is moving forward for boys and girls k-21. Looking to start up partnerships with agencies in Holyoke to set up more programs. Presently, they are focused on middle school and teenagers around career preparation. Their Explorer program looks at multiple careers to serve young people in their needs for the future.
Horace Moses Scout Reservation is open weekends and for Summer Camp Programs. Programs for girls and boys grade k- age 21. Vocational and Character Building programs

Chief Amy Karengekis: Attorney General’s Office
Located at 1441 Main Street in Springfield, just one announcement today. Sent the flyer that has been distributed through Ed is out of the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Alert regarding costumer assistance in regards to utilities. Low income energy assistance program and to extend to moratorium until July 1st. Encourage consumers to contact their utility company to set up payment plan; flyer has all the contact information on it, email if the chat if anyone has questions.

Amanda Hitchborn: River Valley Counseling Center
Campus clinician at STCC. She is also the ACRA program supervisor Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach, which is substance abuse program for adolescents 12-24 years old. Right now there is no wait list. If anyone needs criteria, you can reach out to Amanda.
River Valley Counseling Center - ACRA Substance Use Program: 413-540-1137

Alejandra Delgado: MASS State Police
Nothing to report: Recently promoted to State Police from HCSD, getting back in to the community work and continuing to work with Ed.
Thank you everyone. If you guys need any assistance or a speaker at a school for job fairs please reach out. Here is my temporary email

Alan Gates: Holyoke High: Dean Campus
Recently moved into a principal position at Dean Campus at 1045 Main Street. Dean is back up and running since September offering vocational training one day a week for every grade level. We just finished up our 8th grade visits over 400 students from Holyoke, we should them what we offer in Dean. We are accepting applications, we just extended our deadline to apply to March 19th, if you know any 8th grade interested have them apply, and you can go to the HPS website. Anticipating another wait list, which will make the four year in a row. Dean has nine vocational areas and if you have any connections with companies that service any of these specific areas, reach out to us. We are looking for strong partnership in the community, offering our young people opportunities to put their skills and training to the test.
Hello everyone! Alan Gates: Principal - Holyoke High School - Dean Campus 413 534 2071 (Personal Cell phone - 413 372 2314) * or Laurie Denis - Vocational Director * (interested partners for vocational education opportunities) *Health Assisting/Precision Manufacturing/Carpentry/Electrical/Auto Collision Repair/Diesel Technology/Cosmetology/Culinary/Programming and Web Development *EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN THESE FIELDS IS KEY FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE TO PUT THEIR TRAINING TO THE TEST* We are really looking for partnerships that can last and drive our work here on the Dean Campus!

Adelyn Colon: Holyoke Community College
Works for Holyoke Community College at PAFEC at 206 Maple St. Offer HISET prep classes in English/Spanish day and night times, also ESOL classes free of charge. Reach out if interested, you can reach out to her directly or go to the HCC website. 413-552-2927.

Kiki Thorne: ROCA
Work for ROCA and specifically do SNAP and Food stamps. Does application and helps with verification forms. If anyone has anyone interested in applying for SNAP, you can have them reach out to her if anyone needs assistance.

Ed Caisse: Talked about their virtual basketball experience and the hard work and countless hours that Walter Rice put in to the virtual basketball league. He continued to say that Walter is very passionate about working with youth and he is appreciative in the collaboration and hard work he has dedicated to the youth and the initiative.

Walter Rice: Westover Job Corps
Walter stated that it was an honor and thanked Ed for the opportunity to work with him and the great people that are coaching and volunteering their time and the sustaining of the work with youth in Holyoke. He is the Business Community Liaison with Westover Job Corps has the opportunity to work with the wonderful Jennifer Hansen and his collogue Yvonne Lomax to give opportunities to a 16-24 year old youth to free industry credential and place to live that will assist on their career pathway. Excited to have students returning to their center, we had 19 returned this past Tuesday. On 3/26, they will be having their Community Relation Council and everyone in attendance is invited. Working on internship programs, if you know a company or business that is looking for interns or employment opportunities, please divert them us to create opportunities for the youth. Virtual Basketball will be hosting session 7 The Magic of Learning Night and has gone by very fast.
Walter Rice Westover Job Corps Center Business Community Liaison 413-593-4005

Ed Caisse: Talked about Healing Community Study and goal of reducing Opioid overdose death in Holyoke by 40 percent in 3 years. Asking that emails get forwarded out and get those connected that are struggling with opioid use and direct to Facebook page.

Explained the Hampden County Resource Network (HCRN) in which he partners with Walter to find more resources for youth and families that live in other cities and towns in Hampden County. The HCRN meets the third Tuesday of every month at 10:30. Ed asked if you service those areas outside of Holyoke to consider joining meeting. He reminded folks that the HCRN has a focus of all of Hampden County, where the HSNI has a focus on youth and families in Holyoke.

One Holyoke CDC has a cleanup on 4/22 from 10am to noon, Earth Day, out of the Flats community building, 10-12pm, in which they will be cleaning up a couple of streets. Hoping to have people sign up every week and get the city nice and clean this year. Ed stated that he like to see a lot of community and agency involvement and mentioned the 6 coordinators in the city.

Ed ended the meeting by saying that he feels more energy and momentum for the initiative and is excited to see community coming together. He explained that he is excited about the work, because of working with folks like the ones on the networking meeting. He asked folks to stay connected to the initiative and if they move to a different agency, to send us their new contact information.

Additional Information from the Chat:

Brenda Evans
Hello! Brenda D Evans, SPHHS/ CCHER @UMass Amherst,

Maria Pelchar: Holyoke Fire Department
Maria Pelchar- lieutenant Holyoke Fire413) 534-2254

Dane Kuttler - a great resource when you're reaching beyond Hamden County for that client who needs connections beyond your reach. Focuses on Hampshire/franklin/Berkshire counties. Meant to be user friendly - if you can buy a pair of shoes online, you can navigate look4help. gotta roll for a 1:30 meeting, but hi and thank you!

Kathy Viens
Kathy Viens, Holyoke YMCA.

Aliza Ansell01:16:46
I am sorry everyone, I need to assist a student. Aliza

Old Business / New Business
Next Meeting is Thursday, April 8th, 2021 (ZOOM)

Contact Information:
Edward Caisse
Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
(413) 858-0225
Friend Request us on Facebook @ Shsni Holyoke

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