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May 2021

Ed Caisse

May 13 2021

Virtual Networking Meeting hosted via Zoom

Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative
Meeting Notes

Date: May 13, 2021
Time: 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Place: Zoom Meeting

Mission Statement: The Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership between local, state & federal law enforcement; city & state government; civic & human service organizations; faith based organizations; the business community; education providers; property managers; and residents coming together with a goal to create safe, healthy & economically viable neighborhoods through information sharing, identifying at-risk youth, referrals and community efforts in specific Holyoke neighborhoods.

Welcome & Introduction 1:00pm - 1:05pm

Ed welcomed everyone and gave overview in his work with the HCSD and Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative.

Meghan Lemay: Alzheimer’s Association 1:05pm - 1:20pm

Meghan is the regional manager at Alzheimer’s Association in Springfield. Talked about the mission and vision to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research and provide/enhance care and support for all affected, and reduce risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. They are the largest nonprofit funder in Alzheimer’s research. 6 million live in US alone and number is expected to grow. Latinex population is at higher risk to develop. Most important service is there 24/7 helpline. In depth emotional support, counseling, caregiver. Gateway to all their other programs and support groups. Most are virtual and are completely free. Have bi-lingual staff to serve on helpline. Free virtual family conference this weekend. Starts at 10:30 tomorrow and all day on Saturday. Reach out to get registered. Featuring a panel of people that are living with dementia.
Walk to end Alzheimer’s will be in Holyoke and has been a great fundraiser in years past.

Agency Overview and Updates 1:20pm - 2:25pm

Yvonne Lomax: Westover Job Corps
Opened back up and are now receiving their last group. 200 young people are waiting to get back in to the Westover Campus. Yvonne Lomax OA Manager Westover JCC Lomax. Yvonne

Yameris Rivera: Holyoke Public School
No Updates

Yesenia Cruz: Adcare Hospital
Substance abuse service to those in need. Yesenia Cruz- Adcare Hospital- Western MA Community Service Rep- 508-713-1710- Hi everyone :)

Yajaira Marquez: Holyoke Chicopee Family & Community Program (CFCE)
Yajaira Marquez- Holyoke Chicopee Family & Community Program (CFCE)/ HCS Head Start.

Vivian Rodriguez: Holyoke Housing Authority
No updates

Vernon Percy: Baypath University
Associate professor in Psychology. Looking to make some connections working with students at the University.

Shannon Sarkisian: Holyoke Community College
Work with adults returning to school and/or completing HISET or GED. HCC will have soft opening to the public the week of July 5th. Not all offices will be open call ahead of time to see availability.
Shannon Sarkisian, Community Outreach & Admissions Counselor; Holyoke Community College.
Shannon Sarkisian,, 413-552-2012 - from HCC!

Senaida Torres: Womenshelter Companeras
Looking at a return to office around July 1st. Executive Director, Carmen will have announcement.

Sean Garvey: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
Ward 2 coordinator, no update.

Sandy Ward: Friends of the Public Library / Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Mass (FCAWM)
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Mass (FCAWM) will be putting out spring newsletter, with information about FEMA’s COVID-19 funeral reimbursement benefit. Scam warning that no one should be calling you to sign you up. Call FEMA to apply: 844-684-6333. FCAWM volunteers can answer questions and provide resources for people making decisions about death care and final arrangements. Website:;!!CUhgQOZqV7M!0TQuD0udF17wQ9gIkkOBpq6BKjx26prxUCqoTuI-e5237EbCv6RaBFUkvyBED9nFR7O8zQ$ Email: Voice mail message service: 413-376-4747.
Additional resources at national FCA:

Casey Thompson Paulo Freire Charter School School
Social Worker

Ron Thompson: CrossPoint Clinical Services
Faith/traditional services to families. The art of intimate marriage, Do Jennifer Constant presenting in this workshop. From Chat : Ron Thompson from CrossPoint Clinical Services - The Art of Intimate Marriage

Rondey Allen: CrossPoint Clinical Services
Specialize in Christian faith based counseling. Hire only licensed counselors

Rhonda Soto: Paulo Freire Charter School
Dean of students for Paulo Freire. Looking forward to kids coming back next week. Looking to partner and collaborate on radio station along with mock trial court room. New executive director Gil Triverso. Will have a number of job offerings for those interested.

Olmary Rosario: YWCA
Free HIV rapid testing in person. Free for anyone 17 and up.

Officer Colon: Holyoke Police Department
Nothing to report

Michelle Brooks: Holyoke DCF
Officially moved in to new building at 200 Front St in Holyoke. Foster Parent appreciation next Saturday.

Michelle Daries: DCF
Recruiter for foster care for DCF and hold information session every Monday. Shellie Daries Foster Care Recruiter- Department of Children and Families. Information Sessions Monday's at 5:30 and Thursday at 10:00 email me for more information

Olmary Rosario: YWCA Patient Navigator
YWCA of Western Massachusetts, free HIV testing and case management sessions, program is free we are looking for clients, my email is 413-319-2372 We offer HIV rapid testing and STI referrals for additional testing, currently offering case management over zoom or phone call, regarding healthy sex, Client can have both services or just one, we can help with transportation as well! Thank you! All services are free and confidential

Melany Mendoza: Mass Mentoring Partnership
Capacity building for youth programs and support through professional development. 1.2 million dollars in funding for grants in programs. Hampden County Mentoring movement and have meeting scheduled with legislatures on June 4th. Free training coming up from now to the end of June. Melany Mendoza Mass Mentoring Partnership Manager of Community Engagement Western Mass. 413.218.6595.

Megan Gross: UMASS Amherst
Umass Amherst speech pathologist. Collaborating with HPS. Check notes.
Trying to develop advisory board. Happy to talk about career. From Chat: Megan Gross, Bilingual Language Development Lab, UMass,; Megan Gross, Bilingual Language Development Lab,; I am seeking Community Advisory Board members for a project focused on Spanish-speaking families with a child with autism (parent/caregiver, service provider who works with families); more info was in an email Ed sent out earlier this week
Interest form link (English or Spanish):

Megan Grant: Legacy Program
Check notes. Mentors are survivors of sexual abuse. They are now fully staffed and are available to provide awareness training. From Chat: Megan Grant, Director of Legacy Program at RFK/Perkins. Community based program working with youth who have been commercially sexually exploited. We provide mentors who are survivors of exploitation. Anyone can refer a youth, we work with males/females/LGBTQ+ up to age 24. Also willing to do trainings at any organization interested in earning more. (413) 695-1087

Mckenzie Humerus: MSPCC
First time parenting support for families under the age of 21. Resource development and connecting. Currently taking referrals. McKenzie Umrysz, Intake and Outreach MSPCC/Eliot, Healthy Families program,

Marryann Linnehan: Western MA Elder Care
Currently staff is coming back to the office. Support groups on Wednesdays. Greetings all, Maryann Linnehan Community Options Supervisor/West Mass Eldercare 538-9020 ext. 538

Nayroby Rosa Soriano: One Holyoke CDC
Nayroby spoke about the OneHolyoke Citywide 21K Clean-Up Campaign. She explained the next clean-up for One Holyoke will be on Saturday, 5/22 from 10am to 12noon. She also explained there will be other clean-ups taking place on that day as well, one in South Holyoke and one in Churchill around Lawrence School. Nayroby has sent out a link where any agency can sign-up to coordinate a clean-up, the goal is to have a clean up every week.
From Chat: Hello everyone. Nayroby Rosa-Soriano, OneHolyoke CDC. 413-409-2004

Kelysey Gary: Caring Health Center
Looking forward to ramping up outreach. Kelsey Clary, Caring Health Center,

Kelly Wood: YWCA
Parenting support for youth pregnant up to 23. Kelly Wood 413.732.3121 ext 174 Currently no wait list Serve pregnant and parenting youth up to the age of 23 (right before their 23rd birthday)

Kaydence Scotto: Americore
Create positions to practice skills. From chat: Kaydance Scotto (they/them), DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Services, AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Karen Legacy: US Attorney’s Offfice
Partnering with DA’s office on Project Safe Neighborhood. Keeping kids safe online. Great line up of professionals.

Officer Juan Cruz: Holyoke Police Department
Dean Tech looking for a registered nurse. Juan Cruz Dean Tech School Resource Officer

Det Joe Emiterio: Holyoke Police Department
Works out of Holyoke community center and has partnership with BHN. Take an outreach approach with community. Det. Joseph Emiterio. Holyoke Police Department. 413-650-0546. Holyoke Police Community Center.

Jocelyn Sullivan: Survivor Services
Kids that experienced trauma from 3-21. Mindfulness group and Caregiving
Jocelynn Sullivan Survivor Services Eliot/MSPCC. Two groups starting in June a caregiver group and a teen mindfulness. (781)382-4213

Joanne O’Toole: Homework House
Tutoring and mentoring program in Holyoke. Opening summer program in person on July 6th which will be for five weeks and we have 3 locations: grades 2 and 3 in the Flats, grades 2 through 5 Churchill on Chestnut St, middle school program on Appleton St. all three are literacy based.
Summer program registration information or call 413-265-1017 Thanks Ed. Great to hear about all of the great things going on in our community!

John McCarthy: USCIS
Community relations are available if you have a citizenship class or group of individuals who want to learn about eligibility requirements or the process for applying for benefits, can reach out to John. Biometric changes for applicants that are filling the I539 to change or extend non-immigrant status in the United States. From Chat: John McCarthy USCIS on phone link lat 4= 5441

Jen Hanson: Westover Job Corps
Center director at Westover. Several vacancies: 2 IT Specialist and LPN, some instructional staff, please refer folks to Westover Job Corps.
CPP Instructor, Systems Administrator, Disabilities Coordinator, LPN and food service

Jen Fernandez: Thrive / United Way
Financial coach with the Thrive Program at United Way of Pioneer Valley. One stop financial success center and free to anyone in the community. Helps people work towards financial goals. Money management and increasing credit score. Looking to volunteer or for opportunities, visit United Way’s website under volunteers. Click on button for events going on. Hi, I'm Jen Fernandes with the THRIVE program with the United Way of Pioneer Valley. It is a one-stop financial success center. We help people to reach their financial goals and a better financial wellbeing. It is free and open to anyone in the community. Call me for an appointment. 413-333-8365. Also, we just opened a new food pantry in Chicopee on 32 Center Street in Chicopee, The Chicopee Cupboard. Is open Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am-1 pm. It's by appointment only, call 413-693-0213 to make an appointment!

Jeffrey Hayden: Holyoke Community College
Vice President for Business and Community Services. In the midst of putting together all kinds of offerings for workforce development. Go to HCC site and search for free programs. ESOL and Adult Education at the transportation center at PAFEC.

Jean Altis: Gandara
Mentor Supervisor providing to youth under the age of 21. Teaching them life skills. Hopeful to provide face to face services soon. Currently hiring.
Jean Altis, Therapeutic Mentor Supervisor from Gandara. Tel: 413 222 8135

Jasarah Burgos: HPS
Family and Community connector. Food services coordinator for the district. Families that have children under age of 18 please contact her if they are in need of food delivery services. Jasarah Burgos Family & Community Connector Holyoke Public Schools 413-535-0345 ext. 4158 413-535-0345 ext. 4158

Jac Essing: Americore Advisor at En Lace de Familia
House of Colors program supports LGBTQ youth and young adults in the Holyoke area. Population is transient. Please refer youth that can benefit from a program that explicitly supports LGTBTQ you or those that are exploring and expressing their identities.
Jac Essing, House of Colors,

Judge Bill Headley: Holyoke District Court
Thanked Ed for all the help. Still running the HEART Initiative. Anybody that has a case in the Holyoke District Court that needs help with a substance use disorder, completely voluntary doesn’t even get back to the court. Program that connects people with a recovery coach and in treatment that day that has substance abuse disorder. Will provide transportation to treatment that day, if there is a bed in Worcester, Greenfield, we will get them a ride there. Hope from Holyoke will transport. Working on diversion program with HCSD, ROCA, Westover, Crossspoint, Adcare, HCC, YWCA to basically expand opportunities to those on nonviolent crimes, particularly drug offense, shop lifting, etc. They should ask for an opportunity to get diverted into not only treatment, but educational services, job readiness and hopefully a job with the benefit that the criminal case would be dismissed. If you know anyone have them ask us or their lawyers. If anyone is interested in being part of the advisory committee, just let Judge Hadley know.

David McCoy: HSNI
Outreach coordinator for the community. It has been over a year but prior to COVID they would connect door to door and get people referred to resources.

Hope Ross Gibaldi:
Learn in motion. Movement and playdate enrichment program, primarily out of the Holyoke Public Schools. Scheduling for the summer and following school year, they are in Morgan School. Any events coming up they can assist in setting something up outside. Organizing a community family fun treasure hunt from park to park. Looking for agencies to possibly donate items for the treasure hunt, swag resource information. Entrepreneurship for all advisory board and they are starting Business accelerator program is accepting application through the 19th. Great opportunity for people looking to get their businesses off the ground.
Hope Ross Gibaldi
If you would like to be a part of the Treasure Hunt (or organize one in another area) reach out! 413-244-2073. Our website is
Hi everyone! Hope Ross Gibaldi here, co-founder of LEARN IN MOTION - movement based youth enrichment program ( | and Community Engagement Manager of Valley Venture Mentors in Springfield (
LEARN IN MOTION - movement and play based enrichment program (aka traveling gym class circus :)
Hope 413-244-2073
If you would like to be a part of the Treasure Hunt (or organize one in another area) reach out! 413-244-2073. Our website is

James Maloney: Hope for Holyoke
New program called “Highway to Hope” through Holyoke District Court as Judge Hadley said. They will provide transportation to treatment for Holyoke residents. A recovery coach drives them and speaks to them about recovery. Open 9-5, Monday-Friday at a limited capacity. Also open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Gina Anselmo: Hampden County DA’S Office
Working with 45 students on Youth Advisory Board: Racial and Cultural inclusion, Social media, economic disparity, LGBTQ. On 5/26 will have conference for them to show off their accomplishments. Keeping kids safe online event that Karen was talking about, will share flyer with everyone.
Gina Anselmo:
DA's Youth Advisory Board Annual Conference: May 26, 2021. 6:30-8:00PM.Register in advance for this meeting: – Feel free to share registration link with anyone who may be interested in this event. 4OYQuestions – – Feel free to share registration link with anyone who may be interested in this event.
DA's Youth Advisory Board Annual Conference: May 26, 2021. 6:30-8:00PM. Register in advance for this meeting:
Questions – – Feel free to share registration link with anyone who may be interested in this event.

Diane Hall: Baypath University
Professor of Psychology from Baypath University. Does a lot of work with students in the community. Embed service learning in five of eight courses she teaches. In the area of forensic psychology, working with at risk youth. Teaches a course in social problems, students out in after-school programs, working homeless and soup kitchens, collaborate with Sheriff’s Department and if any agency is looking for interns her students have to complete around 240 hrs internships. Students major in Psychology, Child forensic and Neuro Psychology. Diane Hall, Professor of Psychology from Bay Path University. I can be reached at

Dashaun Brown: MA State Police
Community Police Liaison and is looking to partner with any agency that wants to work with law enforcement to create a better world for youth through positive interaction. Newly implemented car seat technician, will be using those skills to create safer roads out there. He can assist at agency or come to Barracks., 857-262-7040

David Rodriguez: Odyssey House
Clubhouse that is a work ordered program for people in recovery. A work ordered program for folks in recovery or folks with a mental health diagnosis.
David Rodriguez:
Odyssey House Clubhouse, Viability, Inc.,
David Rodriguez, Housing Coordinator, Viability, Inc.,

Brandon Dumas: Odyssey House Club House
Place for recovery living with the effects of mental illness.

Officer Bill Courchesne: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
Looking for new members for his leadership team for ward 6, information in the chat.

Art Lobdell: Boy Scouts of America
Shout out for National Police Week and looking to partner with law enforcement agencies. Also looking for collaborative partnerships for vocational programs. Have summer camps out in Russell, MA if anyone is looking to collaborate.
From Chat: Youth vocational programs K-21 co-ed. Outdoor education opportunities. Looking for collaborative partners Hiring full time outreach worker must speak Spanish and have reliable transportation through Holyoke-Springfield region

Angela Callahan: River Valley Counselling Center
Continuing to reduce barriers to access to mental health treatment. Partnered with Holyoke Boys and Girls Club, to have a therapist there. Partnered to Westfield Public Schools. Looking to reduce the barriers to mental health. They are in need of therapists and please visit website. Licensed and eligible clinicians and those with Bachelor’s degree to work with their Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative. Holding 6th Annual Golf Tournament of Friday, September 10th at East Mountain Country Club in Westfield. Looking for folks to become sponsors and register for the event.
Angela Callahan: RVCC
Thank you for all the info and updates. River Valley Counseling Center job listings: Golf Tournament link:

Aida Rivera: Holyoke Public Schools
She works with Holyoke Public Schools as Homeless Education and Enrollment Clerk

Ed: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
Next meeting on Thursday, June 10th. Same link is used every month, so once you are registered you can access link. Magda and Melany spoke about mentoring and movement starting in Hampden County. Youth can benefit to connect to additional caring adults in their life; particularly Holyoke and Springfield. If any person from any agency is looking to take on mentee, please fill out information with Big Brother / Big Sister.

In addition to recruiting more mentors, we have a goal to find out all the deferent mentoring agencies in Hampden County. Networking meeting is an opportunity to get folks connected to events like that.

Back to School Event is scheduled for August 21st. May have to have 10 individual events for Back to School. On a personal note, Ed thanked all the agencies for sharing their information and getting a chance to know everyone.

Stefany Garcia: Holyoke Public School
Family access engagement coordinator. Ward 5 clean up on 5/19 3-5. District is looking for them to have resource tables if an agency is having an event. Stefany Garcia -family access engagement coordinator @ Donahue School ward 5.

From Chat:
Cheryl Livengood: Holyoke Public Library
I am Cheryl at the Holyoke Public Library. Please feel free to contact me at or 413-420-8101 Please check out our web-site at

Magda Colon: Hampden County District Attorney’s Office
The MOAR (Massachusetts Org. for Addiction Recovery) will be having a Western Mass Policy Forum on June 2 please save the date
Magda Colon Hampden D.A.

Aliza Ansell: Valley Opportunity Council
Aliza Ansell from Valley Opportunity Council. Have a 2:00 appointment, so need to go. VOC staff will be back in the office next week and students will be coming back in Sept. I run the Youth program. I help youths 16-24 find job placement and do HiSET prep. My contact is

Here is the website for Entrepreneurship for All. Their upcoming business accelerator program is accepting applications until 5/19

Laura Soderbaum: Holyoke Housing Authority
About 8 years ago my brother was arrested for a drug related crime and that is the day he began his journey to sobriety. He was involved in a similar program, Judge Hadley was referring to. He has been sober for 8 years, has a job, recently purchased a home, and is getting married in June. Super proud of him and he truly is an inspiration. I never thought it was possible but he is living proof and I just want to take the opportunity to everyone that work in this field, because it is your passion and commitment that make it possible!

Kelsey Clary, Caring Health Center,

Claudia Lora: Better Life Homecare
I am sorry everyone, I am experiencing technical problems. Claudia Lora, Community Outreach Director for a Better Life Homecare. Currently provide PCA, HHA , OT , PT and skilled nursing services to anyone over 18 years of age with a medical condition or disability. We are currently looking for PCA's CNA's and HHS's If you know of anyone interested in working in the homecare field, please send them my way. my contact information (413-285-5929)

Lizzy Ortiz: Home City housing
Home City Housing with collaboration with Curative is offering, FREE Covid test, they are located at 437 Bay street Springfield, MA- Monday-Friday 10:00-4:00pm, Saturday 10:00-4:00pm

Old Business / New Business
Next Meeting is Thursday, June 10, 2021 (ZOOM)
If you know someone that may be interested in being a mentor, please forward the link below to them:

Close Meeting 2:30pm

Contact Information:
Edward Caisse
Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
(413) 858-0225
Friend Request us on Facebook @ Shsni Holyoke

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